Christian Family & Individual Counseling


Family-oriented therapy with personalized care and curriculum. This care will allow client to recover from Drug, Alcohol, & Other Addiction and gain healing from any Life Controlling Mental Health Conditions. Areas of focus are a blended approach to Mind, Body & Spirit. Client will receive Revelation & Education of patterns in all areas of their life. Focused treatment to get to the root cause of why there is a struggle in those areas and with brief resolution counsel client will find inner healing and become whole in all all areas of their life.



Sessions will address the deep inner issues that are the core triggers to why we turn to alcohol, drugs, or any other life controlling addiction.  Individuals have a safe and comfortable place where they can work out problems and emotional issues. Client will gain insight into their own thoughts and behaviors that perpetuate addiction behavior. In addition, anyone who has difficulty with interpersonal relationships will learn to healthily express emotion, see truth, foster respect, set healthy boundaries, communicate clearly, and build confidence.

now is the time to start your journey anew! 

Specialize in Counsel for Substance Abuse, Addiction, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Mental Health, Domestic Violence, PTSD, OCD, Anger Management, Couples, Marriage, & Brief Solution Counseling.

Intervention Services Also Available.

We Accept the Following types of Insurance:
Cigna, Medicaid, Staywell, Florida Blue, Cash, and All Major Credit Cards